Thursday, October 22, 2009

Run to the Border... lands.

I get it.  I give in.  Really.  You don't need to convince me anymore.  Borderlands is apparently what Hellgate: London could have been, and I'm going to trade in some old games this weekend in order to snag it up for the PC.  I'll probably order it off of steam so it can pre-load and be ready for when I decide to be sick that day.  I mean... for when I come down with H1N1 mysteriously. 

So if you want to goof off with JoBildo in Borderlands, add me on Steam (JoBildo is my username).

EDIT: Crap... I forgot I have to pay for that shiny thing I just put on someone's finger.  Borderlands will wait until next weekend I assume.  Thank Jebus for Torchlight.


Oakstout said...

Shiny what ting?

Dude you like can't throw that out and not comment on it.

Curious Dwarfs want to know

Bildo said...


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