Thursday, October 15, 2009

New TTH Articles and CO Stuff

New article over at TTH today. Check it out, if you like to see me ramble. It's all about Min-Maxing vs. Conceptual Builds in Champions Online. Basically, it takes me about 750 words to say, "Whatever you want to do." My buddy Mattlow also wrote a nice article about What Was Missing At Launch in CO. Very valid points, all of them, and probably sums up my current issues with the game quite nicely.

One of the things Matt touches on is that there seems like a lack of missions at times in CO. In reality, there are probably just enough (which is not exactly thrilling) to get you through the leveling content. But it's easy to miss missions as you go about the game. Hell, 4 years later and I still can find new quests in WoW that I'd never done before. So LordDamax of the CO community went ahead and build the Crime Computer 2.0. It's not perfect, but really does help you uncover missions around your level you might be missing, so use it wisely!

Last night I got to test out my new power that I was given at level 17. I can't remember its exact name, and for some reason the CO site doesn't have the Might powers listed. But basically I'll call it "Big Ol' Power-Clap of Doom". I almost feel like I should make Wolfenstein's stature bigger because of this. Dude now does a sort of Incredible Hulk like move where he claps forcefully and sends a shockwave out around him. This AoE attack not only does a decent bit of damage, but stuns every target in the area. I follow this up with Iron Lariat (a big chain that I twirl around like a lasso above my head) and I can pretty much take out half or more of the health of all henchmen around me. Villains and Master Villains are another story, but for henchman this combo is re-donkulous. I imagine that the stuns could be very helpful in PvP too. I'll have to test it out. This one power certainly makes me feel a bit more heroic than before, that's for sure.


Thallian said...

Thanks Bildo, I bookmarked the crime computer. If I manage to save up enough cash to get the game I'll definitely use it.

Bildo said...

Np, Thallian. It's really very cool. Already helped me identify a few I'd missed. Often times, you get item-based missions, that I overlook because I don't spend a lot of time paying attention to my inventory unless I find an upgrade gear-wise. There's one quest at my level that offers 13k XP (A LOT) for simply collecting bandanas off of different gangs around the city. If I'd missed that one, I'd be really missing some crucial XP.

I do wish games would stop launching without enough content though. WoW spoiled me.