Friday, October 23, 2009

Torchlight Cometh... this weekend?

I've got my pre-order ready to go on Steam, and the download should be starting on Tuesday as soon as possible.  But the wonderful (ha!) Wonder Russell tells me that review copies should/could/hopefully will be going out today.  They're cramming as much polish as possible, and not the sausage, into the code before they ship it off to the press. 

I'm hoping to write a review for TTH (unless one of my cohorts beats me to the punch), and most assuredly will be writing in-depth impressions and a review here as well.  So if you're following me since my return, do keep an eye out here over the weekend.

EDIT: I think dearest Wonder forgot all about me.  No Torchlight this weekend, but review/impressions etc. coming ASAP once the game launches. 

EDIT 2: Travis Baldree to the rescue!  I should have a review copy of Torchlight downloading in no time flat, and then I'll start in on the main campaign this evening.  I really heart these folks at Runic.  

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