Monday, January 14, 2008

Turning it up to eleven...

So Friday night came, and my wife and I decided to go out and buy Guitar Hero III because we'd heard from too many people that it was extremely fun and addictive. Only problem was, no one had the bundled game with the guitar controller. But that turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because we ended up biting the bullet and taking many others' advice and gettign Rock Band.

Good--freaking-GOD... what an immensely entertaining experience!

My friend Adam was over for the evening, and while we started playing as our band "The Caffeinators" at 8pm, we soon found ourselves still playing by 2:30am. Yikes, indeed.

The Caffeinators' members are as follows...

Sven LeTigre - Lead Guitar (Me)
Jozie - Vocals (My Wife)
Guy Topon - Drums (Adam)

My guitarist started out as an homage to European hair metal bands, with a big white fluffy doo and tight pants and a shirt, but when I saw some of the other clothing options he quickly became the spitting image of a homeless Vietnam War veteran... and he looks great because of it.

Guy Topon also saw a change of image within our first few songs, and quickly became something of a Rockabilly dude with aviator glasses and a Pompadour, thick mutton chop sideburns and all.

And of course there's Jozie, our charismatic spazz of a rockin lead singer. Her look changed too much for me to even remember now what she looked like. I'm sure however of one thing... our fans were looking at her and not me or Guy Topon during our shows.

The whole "World Tour" mode is also something of a dream come true. Your band starts out in the tiniest of clubs, playing the easier warm-up songs. Then as you go along earning fans and cash, even vans and airplanes to travel with, you move on to harder songs that also tend to reap more profound monetary rewards as well as more fans.

Occasionally you're given the option to play a gig for charity, greatly increasing your fans, or conversely for a corporate event which nets you a lot more money but earns you no fans. Then there are times when you can take a bet to hit 4 or 5 stars on all songs in a set, and if you do you get a lot more cash, but if you don't you get zilch. The whole "cash" aspect is a bit meaningless to the actual gameplay, but the money gets you better looking gear and we all know that if you're in a Rock Band, you'd better look good.

In all, it was one hell of an expensive game... but worth every penny. I can't stop playing the thing every free moment I have, and because the gameplay is split up into 3-5 minute songs it's perfect for quick sessions. Solo play can be boring when compared to group sessions (duh!), but it's still nothing to be scoffed at. There's something soothing about sitting on your couch and wailing the vocals of your favorite songs away... like a very visual and much better put-together karaoke machine. Solo-play is also essential for mastering those hard songs. I'm not much of a drummer yet, but I'm wailing on guitar on medium after just a few days, and soon I can see myself on hard... if I can ever make it past "Enter Sandman". That thing knocked me on my arse the 1st time on Medium.

Anyway, enough rambling for right now. Just had to go on a rant about this fabulous game. It really is everything the masses say, and well worth the steep price tag.

More to come later.


Brenda said...

Wait until you get to the Endless Setlist. 58 songs. It ends the "medium" level... after that everyone has to play on Hard to progress.

It's an endurance test, took us over six hours (with breaks, dinner, etc) and one of the guitars broke toward the end. But we still managed to finish, somehow.

wldwlf said...

Yes, Rock Band is just a cup full of awesome!!! I guess I am not a "completionist" because I really don't care if I ever master the hard settings. I just have fun rockin out on medium. I have seen that endless setlest and I don't care if I don't ever complete it. Playing the Guitar Hero games has definitely helped my guitar skills so I might tackle hard pretty soon though. Rock On!!!!

Relmstein said...

Its funny but one of the hardest songs for Guitar Hero III is "One" by Metallica. I guess no matter who makes the game a Metallica song has to be badass.