Friday, January 11, 2008

Still no "Big News", but it's coming...

Well, it's Friday and I don't have my potential "Big News" to report to you yet, but if it comes over the weekend I'll be running to my PC to type up an entry. It's not earth-shattering or anything, but it's a big deal to me so I hope it turns out like I wish. I'll write it in normal English first, and then also in Gizoogle-speak just for kicks.

Other than that non-news story, I don't have much to report on today. I played a bit more of Saints Row and Eternal Sonata last night, with the former slowly training back into being decent with console FPS controls. I tell you, going back to a joystick for aiming after Scarface, Godfather, and more importantly Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii is like having electricity to light your way and then suddenly reverting back to an era prior to 1877 and thus before the lightbulb. If the Xbox 360 hd the Wii-mote to go along with all of its shooter games, there'd be no stopping this system... maybe they're working on one though so who knows. It wouldn't be the first time competition copied Nintendo's innovations. That's how we got the Dual-Shock a while back in any case.

In other gaming related Bildo-thoughts, I saw a few more videos for SOE's "The Agency". Said title is really shaping up nicely, I think. It's very minimalist in its UI with contextual menus popping up based on what you're aiming at, so it keeps the clutter off the screen and the focus on the world and the action, which is what the game's going to primarily be about. I can see this one being a serious draw for your more casual MMO-players, especially if they wind up going the ArenaNet free-to-play, but buy expansions way which is under discussion now at their offices.

It's due out in the summer or fall of this year, and already is looking quite good both graphically and gameplay-wise, so head over to Gametrailers and check out the walkthrough videos. It made my eyebrows raise at the very least. I'll be watching that one for sure.

--Gizoogle Version*--

Wizzell, its friday n i dont have mah potential "-B-to-tha-izzig news" ta report ta you yet, but if it comes over tha weekend ill be runn'n ta mah pc ta type up an entry. its not saggin' or chillin' but its a big deal ta me so i hope it turns out like i hustla thizzay that non-news story, i dizzle have mizzle ta report on today. i played a bit more of saints row n eternal sonata last night, wit tha forma slowly train'n bizzy into being decent wit console fps controls paper'd up.

i tell you, going back ta a joystick fo` cruisin' playa scarface, brotha n more importantly metroid prime 3 on tha wii is all like weed-smokin' electricity ta light yo way n then suddenly revert'n biznack ta an era prior ta 1877 n thus before tha lightbulb. if tha xbox 360 hd tha wii-mote ta go along wittall of its cracka games, thered be no stopp'n this system... maybe theyre work'n on one though so who knows with the S-N-double-O-P. it wouldnt be tha fizzirst time competizzles copied nintendos innovations . Tru niggaz do niggaz. thats how we gots tha dual-shock a while back in any case.

in otha gam'n related bildo-thoughts, i saw a few more videos fo` soes "izzle agency" ya feelin' me?. said title is really shap'n up funky assly, i think fo' sho'. its very minimizzles in its ui wit contextual menus popp'n up based on wizzy yoe aim'n at, so it keeps tha bitch off tha screen n tha focus on tha world n tha action, which is whizzat tha games going ta primarily be `bout. i can see this one being a serious drizzaw fo` yo more casual mmo-playa, especially if they wind up going tha arenanet free-to-play, but buy expansions way which is playa discussion now at they offices.

Its due out in tha cracka or fizzay of this year, n already is cruisin' quite good biznoth graphically n gameplay-wizzles so heezee over ta rappa n check out tha walkthrough videos. it made mah eyebrows raise at tha very least. ill be watch'n thizzay one fo sho.

* = The Gizoogle translated text is in no way a reflection of my thoughts or way of behaving... it's just a way to get a cheap laugh on a Friday morning. God bless Snoop Dogg.


Link said...

You tease.

Keen said...

It's all a trick to keep us checking back every 15 minutes!