Monday, January 7, 2008

Pirates Launches Today (For Pre-Orders) and News Incoming...

Well, today is the day my fellow buccaneers. Pirates of the Burning Sea is finally setting sail today, at least for pre-ordering folks. It's still 2 more weeks until the actual launch date. But what do I care? I did pre-order.

The only thing that's up in the air is the big news I mentioned last week. I still don't know the outcome, but if it heads in the direction I expect it to, it very likely means I won't be able to devote much, if any, time to PotBS. Other obligations will be taking over. I know, I'm being somewhat secretive here, but I don't want to say anything final until I know for sure. Hopefully by the middle of this week I'll have an announcement one way or the other.

I hope everyone had a good weekend now that the Holidays are officially over. It felt weird to have a normal 2 day break on my end, that's for sure. Now I'm here at work, trying hard to not think about the fact that it's Monday and there are 4 more days to go until the next weekend.

I started up my Gamefly account once again this weekend, and sometime this week I should be receiving either "Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom" which is a new Action RPG for the 360, Assassin's Creed, or Eternal Sonata. The last of these three is a somewhat traditional Japanese RPG with an interesting take on turn-based battles, and an even more interesting story involving famed composer Chopin. The only "in-stock" game is Eternal Sonata, so I think it will be what arrives in my box 1st, and I'm looking forward to it.

In the meantime, it's been movie-a-palooza at my house. I think over the Holidays we watched at least a dozen flicks, most of which were crap, and a few of which will be remembered. Out of them all, I can only heartily recommend Sweeney Todd, Stardust, and of course the Wes Anderson classic, The Royal Tenenbaums. Everything this guy makes is worth watching though.

Lastly on the Bildo's Homefront Report, Advanced Web Design is in full swing and the first thing we're doing is... making a JPEG image layout for a website. Which I've done... a lot. Maybe next week will prove more fruitful, because the class had to start with a refresher of the basics I'm sure.

Cheers, and more to come if some tidbit of news or discussion pops up.

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*vlad* said...

"Now I'm here at work, trying hard to not think about the fact that it's Monday and there are 4 more days to go until the next weekend."

Oh how I completely agree with this! Hurry up Friday!