Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Agency in Action

Massively has some new video coverage from CES up about SOE's "The Agency"... and while I am prone to suck at FPS games, I have to say... this one just really rose on my radar. Why? Because it's so damn interesting as a concept. I'll especially be happy if my PS3 owning brother and I on my PC can play this together. Very cool looking game this is, can't wait to see more.

Check out the video and whatnot over at their site by following this link.


pixie styx said...

isnt that the same footage they used last year as seen to remember seeing this before

Bildo said...

I dunno... it looks new to me. It's from this year's CES too, no? I don't recall seeing the healing bit or the big bad guy at the end of the mission before.

The animations on these guys are top notch. Reminds me of TF2 a bit.