Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hook Me Up

So, I'm getting cable finally. It's been nearly a year since my wife and I moved out of her parents' house, and we've not had the little life-sucking box since then. But months of Netflix, rentals from Family Video, and lots of TV via the Internet... we realized we'd save patience and hassles in the long run if we just got the damn cable TV.

The plus? I'll be able to record and save episodes of Family Guy, American Dad, Heroes, Futurama, etc. and so on. I'll also have the cable guy change where my router and modem are so that I can connect to Xbox Live. WIN!

The negative? I'll not be able to play my Xbox for a solid week or two for any lenght of time more than 30 minutes as the wife will undoubtedly want to catch up on EVERY show known to man. She'll be a zombie for a while, I think. But I guess I'll be able to see what's going on in an MMO of my choosing while she does that then... maybe log myself into my father in law's LotRO account and check out how that game's doing since it won't cost me a nickel.

Anyway, just want to share that as it's a *sniff* big deal for me *tear*.



wldwlf said...

Looks as if no one cares about you rejoining the world of cable tv. Sorry Bill..... :(

Bildo said...

It was weird to be w/o cable for so long... my whole life we'd had it. People, I think, grow so accustomed to having it that they can't imagine life w/o it.

We had no broadcast TV at all, really. It was all DVDs and internet programs. It wasn't until recent months out of desperation for Heroes that we realized we were able to watch shows on the net... but nothing beats having that real TV when you just want to veg out.

Just have to be careful not to make a habit of it. I liked being so active in writing, design, reading, etc. Now, cable's one more thing to juggle.

I multi-task well enough though. :)

wldwlf said...

I was without tv for a couple of months and I was ok. The only thing that I missed was sports. I don't watch tv series or anything like that so.... Now my wife and kids.....they really like tv. Internet is something that is hard for me to deal without. It is my way of keeping in touch with the world.