Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Big News

Now, I realize this will be shuffled as inconsequential in light of recent Star Trek Online developments but dammit, I don't care about the trouble with tribbles right now. I'd be surprised if STO ever really makes it out of production. But here's hoping it does and it's done right *raises glass*.

Now, the "Big News" of Bildo's.

I can finally announce today the reason I'll be missing out on Pirates of the Burning Sea, a game I have long been awaiting. I recently had the opportunity fall to me to apply for and take up a position with Ten Ton Hammer as a CM for their up and coming Age of Conan portal... and I have. It was completely unexpected, fell into the realm of possibility within the past month or so, and now here I am. TTH's new CM for Age of Conan.

That probably explains to some of you why I've made a few posts about that game on my blog. It has obviously been on my mind since I'm going to be spending quite a bit of time with it over the next several months. The site should launch on TTH this week I've been told, and I'll be joining Machail (the site lead) in just a couple of weeks' time as his right-hand man.

I know my fair share about Age of Conan, and I truly am optimistic for its outcome, but I don't have any first-hand experience yet so I'm sort of walking blindly into this one, unlike with the LotRO Vault when I had already been in the beta for a couple of months before coming on board to the fansite. But it was an opportunity I couldn't pass by. One more step closer to actually working "in the industry", you know? And since school is winding down towards the April graduation, I'm finding myself with more time to do things like write articles and guides and whatnot again.

So anyway, there you have it. That's my news. That's the reason I'll be saying "Fare thee well" to PotBS for now. I simply won't have the time once things get really rolling on AoC. This also means I won't be a part of the Vault Network anymore, obviously. I will still be posting here like normal though, since I can't really do anything with TTH in the daytime while I'm at the office. So you lot won't be suddenly without my ramblings to look forward to (as if you actually do, ha!).

Another anyway, look forward to a lot of AoC related stuff as the game nears launch in March and then beyond as it is the next MMO I'll be playing. I'll be sure not to turn this into a blood and boobs blog either. :)

Now back to your regularly scheduled STO talk.



Keen said...

Congrats Bildo! I assume you'll be posting a lot over on the TTH boards? If so I'll stop by on occasion to troll a few posts and make life hell for you. :P

Bildo said...

Heheh... aye. You'll see me over there as JoBildo, like at the VN.

I post and check the board in the evenings, so try not to be too rowdy during the day, Keen.

Anyway, look forward to some AoC hands-on impressions here and at TTH just as soon as I've a.) had some time with the game and b.) am allowed to talk about it.

Michael Zehnke's 1UP CES post has me optimistic that it'll be a fun one.

Brenda said...

Grats! Excited and happy for you :)

Stay away from the wenches!

Cameron Sorden said...

Congratulations Bildo! I'm really glad they decided to go with you. :)

pixie styx said...

grats bildo look forward to your aoc coverage

*vlad* said...

Well done. Hope things go well.

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heather (errantdreams) said...

GRATS! I'm so glad to hear you got it!