Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No Pirates Last Night, But I Cracked Down.

I forced myself not to play Pirates last night. Because though I want to, I also don't want to get attached to my captain if I'm not going to be able to really play the game in the coming months. So I'm still holding off on that.

I did however get some time with Crackdown, enough to "beat it" even. Here's my issue though. Maybe some other 360 owners can tell me, once you've rid the city of all the gangs, and you've been contacted by the Agency about doing your "duty"... is that it? Is there nothing more? I need to get Live so I can download the additional weapons and the "reset gangs" option if so, because now there's nothing to really do in the city except cause mayhem, turn on the Peacekeepers, or hunt down agility orbs... and I very much still want to play this game, but I need bad guys, you know?

Help me out if there's something I'm missing.

Leaving work early today, so probably not another post until tomorrow, unless something cool comes up.



Keen said...

Did I miss the big news or have you said anything about it yet? I'm curious why you possibly won't be playing PotBS. :(

Bildo said...

No big news yet, but hopefully soon. It's not like I'm moving or getting a job at NASA or anything, but if this all goes according to plan I really won't have time for PotBS, so we'll see.