Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Age of Conan's Delay and Rock Band

Those two titles have nothing to do with each other, but I figured I could combine the two topics into this post as well... this is my blog and I want to.

Darren of TCSG raises some valid points recently about what the recent AoC delay to may 20th could signal. It's his duty as a blogger to speculate, and his main worry for Funcom's project is that it's putting itself too close to the steady-aiming crosshairs of EAMythic's Warhammer Online. This could be true... if there's not another delay for Warhammer.

I think it's safe to say that the most anticipated MMO is Warhammer, and any MMO going up against it will be in for a tough time unless Warhammer tanks in the press or fails to ignite gamers' passion... both of which I doubt will happen. So then, it's really up to whether or not Warhammer will it its Q2 release date. One thing's for sure though... at least EAMythic has had the sense not to set an actual date only to revise it close to launch.

That's one thing I think Funcom should stop giving until they're absolutely certain they'll hit they're mark. Me? I'll be playing both games, whenever they come out... because both look fantastic. I'm an equal opportunity gamer.

Now, for Rock Band. Wife and I played a bit last night, and we're both reliantly on Medium now. Me on guitar and her on drums makes a viscious duo. But we met our match towards the end of the night in the form of two songs. First, Green Grass and High Tides. Second, I Get By by one of the "local" bands. Guitar on these two songs was hard, but not to the point of losing it... but my poor spouse. There was no saving her on the drums. When I did kick out a save, she'd end up falling seconds later because the drums were just too fast and awkward compared to the rest of the songs we'd been playing. These tunes are definitely going to take a few tries.

The beauty of Rock Band is that practice really makes perfect. We found ourselves falling to sleep on earlier songs like In Bloom and Say It Ain't So, so it's likely we'll be on hard with them soon. But I think our drummer might have to go down to easy for a couple times on the two above-mentioned songs... just so we can get past them and then work on them after. They are truly feats of her endurance... almost makes me feel bad because the guitar is way easier on medium.

Anyway, back to work. Cheers, you lot.


Brenda said...

I'd love to meet up with you guys on Xbox Live sometime. My son and I can fill out any band roles from drums to vocals... lemme know...

Bildo said...

Definitely. Just don't have live yet. Have to get the 100 dollar dongle that's ridiculously overpriced, but makes the most sense for my set up. *grin*

I'll be sure to let you know when we get it.

Brenda said...

We just ran a (long) wire from our router. After seeing how poor Xbox is with the wireless connection (slow and prone to drop), we elected the wired option.

pixie styx said...

he he just dont ask us to play he he i think i saw the dead walking after one night of rockband with the misses.

Oh just get a wire and plug it in xbox wireless is less than relaible.

Bildo said...

My problem is that my TV and entertainment center are downstairs, and the PC and router upstairs... I do not want to drill holles and have wires all over myself.

Maybe I can get the router put downstairs, but then I'd be worried I don't have control over my main connection as I always have with my PC.

I'll keep you updated. We'll finally be getting Cable TV soon, so wish me luck.

Bildo said...

Bah... not "wires all over myself", but you know what I mean... ramble, ramble.