Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Captain Bill Braggard of the Bonny Server

I did manage to get a tiny bit of time with Pirates of the Burning Sea last night. it was a "tiny bit" because I first had to patch up the client (I knew I should have been patching during the open beta), and by that time it was nearly 10pm.

Anyway, I went Pirate (I know it's going to be overkilled, but it's where my loyalty lies), and my name is Bill Braggard on the Bonny server. Like I said yesterday, I'm still not sure how much time I'll be able to devote to PotBS. It all depends on what's cooking behind the scenes here in Bildo's world. But if anything I wanted to be able to claim my awesome parrot, my level 20-ish weapons that are useable at level 1, and get to sailing the open seas for a bit before I must take my leave until a later date.

But it wasn't very easy to play last night. Servers were lagging like mad thanks to there being such a slew of players in the starting towns and it was rough walking around. I did the 1st few tutorial missions, reached level 2.5 and called it a night. I'll try again this evening and try to grab some screens of my awesome Captain BB.

More later... I'm sure I'll think of something to prattle on about.

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pixie styx said...

he he wnet english on the blackbeard server enjoying it so far but not had much time to play as yet .....