Monday, January 21, 2008

Shut Up We're Talking #18 (con Bildo)

Darren of TCSG was vigilant enough to keep hounding me until I was finally able to schedule a time to sit down and be a part of the SUWT podcast.

Of course the night of the recording, my wife forgot I had scheduled this shindig, and I suddenly found myself 45 minutes from my house when taping was beginning, eating Indian food. The D (not Tenacious) was kind enough to let me join once I got home, though. I'm fairly certain I brought the show down once I joined in, but the first bits are great. Lauren of Mystic Worlds and Ethic of Kill Ten Rats

Here's the itinerary and the link, stolen shamelessly from Darren:


Listener mail/What we’re playing
Conan on the Console
Kids vs Us
Why Just Fantasy
Screw being nice!!!
Blog of the Week


Darren -
Lauren - Mystic Worlds
Ethic - Kill Ten Rats
William - Ramblings of Bildo


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