Friday, November 2, 2007

Zombot, Oh Zombot... My Sweet, Sweet Zombot.

So as of the launch on Halloween, Flagship's been running a Halloween Event to kick off the release of Hellgate: London. The treats were to be just for subscribers, but due to some seemingly difficult to surmount billing system issues, they've released all the Halloween content to subscribers. Personally, I think it'd be rather nice if they always made sure free-loaders could get SOME of the special event content, even if not all of it but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, it's not spectacular. A handful of quests that can result in some nifty candy and halloween drinks that give you buffs and make you look somewhat ghosty. There's a special helm called "All Hallow's Vigil" that drops off of any mob you go a killing, but it seems to be a pretty slim ratio, because I've yet to get my own. I'd love to snag it before the event ends later this weekend, because while I can't post a picture of it I think you'll understand what I mean when I say "Ghostrider". Me wants.

But, being a player that enjoys little fluff objects almost as much as real story/quest based content, I spent the greater part of Wednesday and Thursday nights not progressing my character's story but rather going back to lower level areas to run through mobs, collecting the appropriate parts I needed to build my very own Zombot.

Again, a picture would reall do this post justice, and hopefully I'll be able to get some on here soon, but think part robot, part zombie, 100% cute and mini and you've probably got a rough idea of what the Zombot looks like. The kicker? Every so often a beat will sound from your speakers that sounds eerily familiar, and Mr. Zombot breaks out into the Thrill dance from Jacko's now classic music video. I about spit my Lo Mein all over the screen when I spied him doing it the first time.

While I'd not subscribe for this little stuff alone, it's great to see that right at day 1 subscription features aside from the storage space, character slots, and hardcore mode are being dished out. Can't wait really to see where it goes from here. December is supposed to be bringing a hefty content patch with Stonehenge as a new area to hunt in. Rock on, indeed.

I really must stress not to take very review of this game as gospel. As with all reviews, one must remember that they are simply opinions, as is what I'm saying about the game. It might not strike your fancy, but if you, dear reader, long for a new take on the Roguelike I highly suggest giving HG:L an honest look. Haven't had this much fun for a good while.

Oh! I've also been playing the Witcher, speaking of fun, and I've struck gold there too. It's been equally as long for me since I found a really good offline CRPG, and the Witcher is just about the finest to come along since KotoR. Look for my review on that late this weekend or early next week.

In the meantime, go give HG:L a try! Bildo commands it.


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Pvthudson said...

I agree 100% great write up, didnt know you were playing this one man thanks for the heads up. Look forward to seeing some more stuff come out of your experiences :)