Friday, November 2, 2007

Bildo Goes to Hell

Didn't take too long. Here's video number two! I take a nice vacay to hell. Enjoy!


Hailin said...

Hmm Engy actually looks like an enjoyable class. Wasn't to impressed with the demo classes. Like the drones.

Link said...

Grats on 16. :)

I like the addition of video to your site. Good to see these games you've been writing about in action.

Bildo said...

Thanks, Link! I hope to keep it a semi-regular thing. I'll be getting some Witcher footage up sooner or later too. Though that game's harder to get good footage on due to load times and whatnot.

Hailin, yeah I'm of the mind, and even Bill Roper is, that the demo does not depict the game well. He admitted in a recent interview on Xfire that they should have waited to get it out there and put one together with cinematics etc.

Classes don't REALLY start coming into their own until around level 10. And while skill trees aren't as diverse as Diablo 2, they are still pretty interesting, and fun to tweak.

Pvthudson said...

Wow those blobs are pretty digusting :)