Sunday, November 4, 2007

One More Vid for the Weekend

To be fair, the scenery in this video is just like the scenery in the "Mind of 314" level which I haven't recorded yet, but I thought the idea of a Hell-ship and having to go into it to retrieve its heart was pretty cool. Think is I ran into a bunch of Bile Brains and Bile Lords.

As any HGL-er will tell you. Face enough of these guys and you're fudged. Just have to keep on respawning and taking them out little by little. The summon minions, and if there are a few of them it becomes an army against you, and you have to usually take out some of the minions before you can get a clear shot at them. It can be rough. Earlier today I spent about 15 minutes in the dried up Thames River area clearing them out. Freakin' annoying.

Anyway, enjoy the video. Regular rambles shall return tomorrow.

Oh, and that's OK Go playing through the video. Great garage-type band. You may have seen the video with the members of the band dancing in perfect sync using treadmills. Bah, just look it up.


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