Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pirates Pre-Order Attained and Boarding-Party I Be In

I was going to mention this in today's mammoth post, but when it became the monstrosity I decided it'd be better to give it its own place.

I finally found my Pre-Order box for Pirates of the Burning Sea. I had pre-ordered it when I picked up Tabula Rasa Monday, even though they still hadn't received their copies in store. It seems they were just a week behind the curve though, as they got them in Tuesday.

After hearing stories that some boxes were missing Pre-Order keys, or the soundtrack or both, I opened mine right there when they gave it to me to be sure. All systems are go, and all hands are on deck. Come January 7th, it'll be a Pirate's life for me.

Which brings me to the other purpose of this post. A while back, Flying Labs announced a unique approach to community interaction, called the Boarding Party. basically, the BP will serve as the connection between the players and the Devs when the forums themselves just don't cut it. In turn, a lot of BP members may also be the folks you see organizing Real-Life events, spreading the word, and in general making sure the public hears about this wonderful game.

I cannot get into specifics on the game just yet, as the NDA still applies, but I can tell you that I am now officially a member of the Boarding Party, and whether I'm still playing TR or not come January, you can bet I'll be covering Pirates extensively here with my usual fare of impressions, stories, etc. Now, not only because I'll be playing it, but because I have purpose! I am a BPM (Boarding Party Member)!

If anyone around here is looking forward to this game as I am, Theresa Pudenz of Flying Lab would like me to give you all this link...


Head on over there and sign up yourselves if you're looking to be part of something new and different in the MMO-Space!

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Brenda said...

You're gonna be a pirate guide!

Grats and enjoy :)