Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Slightly OT

I've been following NBC's Heroes since Episode I, as if that comes as a shock to anyone here. I'm a geek, I fly my flag high. This is a blog consisting almost entirely of videogame related rambles, after all.

Anyway, so far this season has been pretty lackluster... that is until last night's episode. I don't want to go into any specifics for fear of spoilers for those who haven't seen it, but suffice to say things are finally happening this season. It took 6.5 episodes, but things are moving. There's some re-used plot devices, which doesn't surprise me, but by and large I actually can feel the tension building again after what was somewhat of a dud of a Season 1 finale.

The two "sides" of the conflict seem to be in the gray, and I can't really say how the outcome will work, unlike last year's "coming from a mile away" ending. The only character I can say has truly evil motives is Sylar... and while Alejandro and Maya are boring, he's anything but. Cannot wait to see that guy as Spock.

I just wanted to hammer this out, because I don't have much to chat about today. Slow beginning of the week. Hellgate goes well, despite the occasional bug, and I'm nearing the end of the campaign on my first character, the Engineer in my previous videos. And other than these two things, there's not much to talk about unless you want to hear about work and school. Which, seriously... don't we read and write these blogs to escape those last two?

Cheers, peoples.


Tipa said...

The big surprise at the end was a non-surprise; Heroes blogs had predicted this a long time ago. Still, was nice to see they were right.

Liked seeing Mama Petrelli's power. Finally. Even if not sure exactly what it is.

Hmm. What other non spoiler stuff. Hiro's arc ended exactly the way everyone knew it would from the start.

The only currently interesting bit in last night's episode, aside from the resolution of the future thing (which seemed abrupt), was the fact that we now know the meaning of the eight paintings.

Bildo said...

Aye, a lot of it wasn't surprising, but what I mean is that it was all actually something HAPPENING. It's been 7 episodes and the 7th is the 1st one where things that matter finally happen?

I think this is the problem with shows that have so many character arcs. Takes forever for the 20+ episode storyline to get going, and due to this it risks losing viewers, as Heroes already has.

Still, it's easily the most unique drama on network TV, with the exception of maybe Pushing Daisies. Almost makes me wish I had TV again... then I remember I can just watch shows at my inlaws or catch them the day after on the net and I remember why I got rid of cable and its ilk when I moved.

Tipa said...

A spoiler explained exactly what Mam Petrelli's power is. She has the power to undo.

I won't say more. But she has used her power quite a lot recently.

Link said...

Monday nights are my don't disturb me nights. :)

I don't mind walking away from a computer game to help Avril or the kids... but I'm not missing Heroes.