Friday, November 2, 2007

Trying something new...

Going to try and upload some movies of my mission runs in Hellgate.

The first is simple enough, me hunting a named mob for a side quest in some warn down warehouse-like thingus. They're low-res as to make sure they fit under the Blogger video size cap, so don't take their visuals for good cues of the game's quality.

You'll also notice that my Engineer is a pretty passive build. It doesn't have to be that way, but I'm choosing to power up my drone, and also work towards a Napalm Strike skill much later on. Basically I'm specializing in 2 main abilities. My drone as a tank for me, and one handy dandy grenade-like stunning ability. Napalm Strike is levels and levels from being attained, but the stunning grenade works for now.

At the end, you'll also get a blurry look at my assigning skills in the Engy skill-tree. Sorry it's so fuzzy, but had to keep it that way to fit. Enjoy the video! (And yes, I like to shoot boxes... they're good for the soul.)

I've got another one coming, in this very cool place called Aldwych. It's pitch black and requires the player to wear a flashlight-helm to see his/her way through to the end, and there's also a Hellrift in it. Turned out to be a pretty decent video. But like this one I need to cut it up and shrink it a bit.



Cameron Sorden said...

I've actually decided that they're too passive, now, and I'm playing a blademaster named Hiroh. But my bro did snag me a flaming helmet! :D

Bildo said...

I'm 19 now, and have quite a few more skills. They seem to encourage branching off, as if the game's not build for such specialization I'm going for. Looking into it more... I see it's not like Diablo 2 so much.

You really are meant to go around and put a point here or there into a skill you might not use too often, because it does give you another option.

I finally got a rocket bot, Tactical Mode on my Drone, and have even been thinking about putting some points into beacon. but not before I get Napalm strike at 30... :)

Next class is probably going to be a guardian or an evoker.

Cameron Sorden said...

Napalm strike is okay... it takes forever for it to go off. Have you tried multiplayer? My brother and I made a pair of marksmen and we're basically playing SWAT Team: London... it's a blast.

Bildo said...

I was playing with a Marksmen on my Engy yesterday actually. It was total mayhem between her rapid fire and my drones.... I was amazed my PC could keep up. Great fun.

Mithan, the VN board guy has created a guild, I'm sure it's not against TTH rules so if you don't have a like-minded group of folks to play and chat with, let me know Cam.

Cameron Sorden said...

Sure, shoot me an e-mail with the name of whoever I should contact in-game and I'll join up.

I wish they would switch chat back to how it was in beta though. It annoys me that I just can't have it fade. It makes talking really irritating.

Also, I bought a lifetime sub today. Whee!

Pvthudson said...

My skills are all over the place. I like to scan around and give myself cool situational things that I may not even build up like grenades or something.

SmakenDahed said...

Looks sort of like Tabula Rasa only with Demons instead of Bane... or are the Bane basically Demons?