Friday, November 23, 2007

Hellgate Beaten... Sort of Bummed

So I beat Hellgate. I trudged through 2 annoyingly bad RTS mini-games they threw in for seemingly no reason, and lots of other bugs. For the most part, I really enjoyed the ride, and I do plan on doing it again with all the classes over the next few months since it's a great jump in and get to the action game.

But, over all the bugs, aside from all the glitches... what bugs me most? There was no real ending. Being that the game is set on a paid subscription model I should have seen this coming. Oh, there's a cinematic alright, and it's really well done. My earlier thoughts on Murmur were correct for those who read that post. But, once beating the final boss and collecting the last of the loot, you don't feel like you've "won" and defeated the minions of Hell for this moment in time. You don't even get to see a cinematic where the heroes of Mankind rejoice in their victory for the day. Nope. You just collect your loot, go into a portal, and the credits run. Then you can do it all again in Nightmare mode which is apparently such a boring grind most won't touch it yet.

I guess, if I want to see what happens next, I'm bound to subscribe come December's content patch. Well played, Flagship. Bugs aside, you've hooked me for a while to come.

Hope everyone had a safe and filling Tofurky Day. I know I did. I'm chowing on leftovers today, of course while stuck at work. Can't wait to go home and just chill though. Really wishing I would have put in for leave. Stupid Bildo...


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Aaron Miller said...

Not even a cinematic at the end? That sucks.

It's killing me that I haven't touched this game since I picked up my copy from the store. That's not because I don't want to play it, but I'm busy with a new job and the time I have for gaming usually goes toward other new games (Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect). Perhaps knowing that the ending is lackluster will help me forget about it completely for a while... though I suppose it's possible there is a decent ending that you can only see when you beat it on Nightmare mode.

Anyway, if I ever do get around to playing Hellgate again, maybe we can incinerate some demons together.