Thursday, November 29, 2007

Proof Positive that PhotoShop is Cool

It's fun what you can do with PS. It really is. How cool do I look now?


Link said...

You've gone from High Nerd to Cool Geek Pimp. Seriously... looking good.

Brenda said...

omg... just think what you could do with Illustrator...!

(Tipa once again not bothering to type in all the random useless details in order to user her more recognizable nom-de-plume... but still finding it easier to type an entire paragraph explaining it. It's because all the ':' and '/' and '@' take time to type. Please ignore that I have just typed all of them. Sigh.)

Bildo said...

Illustrator I'm not as good with yet. I tend to use a combination of PS and Illustrator when I'm designing the layout for an HTML site, as I'm sure many do.

But I'd like to be able to just use Illustrator eventually and get the same results or better. I'm working on it... hehe.

Oh, and never fret. I know the name Brenda by now.

Brenda said...

a lot of web comic artists use Illustrator to great effect (Real Life Comics, I believe Order of the Stick and Penny Arcade); the infinite scaling is nice.

Looks like you have mad skillz already on Photoshop :)

Bildo said...

Hardly, Tipa. But I'm glad this gives that impression. :)

PS is so robust in its capabilities, that you could spend months coming to grips with what it can do to alter an image in cool and effective ways.

I'm very keen on learning new tricks to Illustrator though. For now I'm using it for what I'm studying: web design. But when I kick start a webcomic again, maybe Illustrator would be better than PS...

brackish said...

Looks like some cult hit movie title. :P

LOL @ Tipa - great justification on the name thing.

Alan said...

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