Friday, November 2, 2007

Some Tidbits and My Thoughts

A wee bit of news is making the rounds right now.

First up, as certainly expected Warhammer Online has been delayed until Q2 2008. That's the April to June months for those who were never good at fractions.

Honestly, while I was looking forward to some Greenskin playing come March, I was also dreading having to choose between Pirates, Conan, and Warhammer all at once. Given Age of Conan doesn't delay again too, we now have Pirates hitting shelves in January (MUST BUY), Conan in March (likely try), and Warhammer in April-June (for now). That's a solid 6 months of new and fresh MMO gaming. Who knows which I'll end up sticking with, but I'm really looking forward to trying them all. I like new and shiny things and having a collection of MMOs on my shelf to hop to and from. These 3 will be no different.

Also making its slow and steady way around the internet, apparenly Zenimax Media, parent company of Bethesda Software recently bought the rights to the domain name "". Oh yeah, that's right. Let the rumors begin. Not only might we have a new KotoR themed Star Wars MMO on the way, we could very well hear announcement of an Elder Scrolls MMO within the next year or so. Looks like the genre's booming for sure.

Snack on that for a while, and I'll be back with some Hellgate stories in a little while. Need to try and actually get some work done.

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