Monday, June 25, 2007

The Riches in LotRO and a Salute to the Vault

Not much to report really from the weekend. I've still yet to dig into the content in Evendim, as I'm more intent on finishing up the soloable content in the North Downs and Lone-Lands first. Every time I finish one quest a new one pops up, and not only that but apparently there's one more quest hub in Lone-Lands that I hadn't been to yet, involving Earth-Kin or something along those lines. So I'm off to there tonight to see what I can dig up.

There's one thing I've noticed in LotRO though lately, as to how I play it now compared to how I played it before. I don't seem to really care about the Deeds all that much. I used to actually specificaly go out and work on them, but now as I get higher into the levels, the kill-deeds requirements are more and more insane. I suppose they're meant for something to work on solo when you're at the level cap, and for that I thank Turbine. But where before I would see myself completing deeds as I went along without a problem, now I actually have to make a concerted effort at them or they'll just pass by unattained.

I still get the quest related ones, but some of the best traits are the kill or exploration types. So I'm going to have to come finish them sooner or later in order to be the best Champ I can be. Right now though, I'm more intent on leveling up and exploring the world. I'll come back to do the deeds I want later on, I figure.

On a more optimistic note: I'm now less than one gold away from my mount cost. And I've still got 6 levels to gain. It pays to ignore crafting and fight that urge to buy at the AH. It pays really, really well. Just the other day, I put up a decent 2 handed axe without a buyout and the bids climbed to over 500 silver for a mid-20s item. Made my day.

I'm missing out on my jewellry making for now, but I'm more concerned about the mount I'll be needing in a few levels. I figure I'll make sure I have the 4+ gold 1st and then start spending the necessary money and time to raise myself as a Tinker.

I'm getting plenty of good quest baubles as it is for now.

And one last note. As the folks at the Vault already know, tomorrow is my last day of work on LotRO Vault. I started back in December, guns blazing, spirits high, and ready to take on the world... then I graduated college, re-enrolled with a new major... and swiftly got my ass handed to me by responsibilities. So it's with a heavy heart that I'm taking my leave from the Vault, and I do wish all those guys well. I'm still Kin'd with them and I have a great relationship with everyone there, so who knows, I may be able to contribute still once in a while as a volunteer.

But for now, school has to take precedence, and so it goes. At least now, I'll have a wee bit more time to play LotRO and report on my adventures here while I'm bored at the full-time job.

That's what blogs are for, right?


Keen said...

Hey Bildo! I didn't know you were stepping down from the vault - I just thought you were going to be MIA for a while. You will be dearly missed as one of the most pleasantly optimistic staffers out there.

Bildo said...

I don't want to be hanging onto the cuffs of all the people doing the work, while I focus on classes and whatnot. So at least for now, I'm AFK over at the Vault.

I do hope to return when this degree program is over next April. If not to LotRO Vault, then in some other capacity. Hopefully, I haven't burned any bridges. I do not think I have.

Thanks for the compliment, Keen. I'll be in the Vault Kin still though, and keeping tabs on my buds there, like you, through your blog and the game itself. :)