Friday, June 22, 2007

Getting Drunk in the Shire

My dwarf got sloshed last night. Begud Firestone of the Lonely Mountain cannot hold his liquor. Let me explain.

It's Summer Festival time in Middle-Earth (LotRO, duh), and that means a few things: fireworks, pipeweed, dancing, and of course... lots of beer. There are several very cool quests related to the festival in each of the races' starting zones: Fairgrounds in Bree, Inn in Thorin's Hall, Duillond for the Elves, and the Party Tree in Hobbiton for the wee folk. Each one of these zones has a dancing quest that plays like a simple game of "Simon says", after which you earn that starting race's special dance e-mote. For instance, after doing the Elven dance quest in Duillond, I was able to perform a special balletic dance by typing /dance_elf. These special e-motes are well worth the price of time and using the swift travel options to hop from starting city to starting city. I don't want to post screens of the dance, because they're better seen in action... especially the Hobbit one.

There's also a quest to gather fireworks from each of the festival centers and turn them in which wields a very nice (but only one time use) firework. It's really a waste of time to be honest. I would recommend against it unless they change the firework to endless use.

Then of course for all those farmers and smokers, there are these sort of scavenger hunts for items that when completed yield several special pipeweed seeds and some pipeweed for smoking. Worth the time if you're into that sort of thing.

Lastly... there's the Tavern Crawl. Basically what you're tasked with, beginning at the tents by the Party Tree, is drinking your way around the Shire... Speedy Gonzales style.

You have to drink 6 beers in one minute's time at the Party Tree, then run all the way to Brockenborings' Inn, drink 6 more before 5 minutes runs out, then run all the way south and east to Stock and drink 6 more before 5 minutes runs out, and you're off again to Frogmorton to the west in under 3 minutes including another 6 beers, and then to Hobbiton for 6 more, and lastly to Michel Delving for 6 more... it was here in MD, that I failed. I was so drunk that I couldn't see straight to find the guy hiding in the back room at the Bird 'n Baby Inn. I'll be attempting it again tonight, because the reward for completion is one of the best titles ever: "Tavern League Member". I will not stop until I am a member.

Anyway, I've pasted some screens from the run below. You can see from them just how messed up your little character can get.

This was after the 1st two runs. Things were starting to get a bit hazy.

The Green Dragon Inn in Bywater, I don't remember it being part of the run, but I was a little under the weather by then as you can see.

Inside the Green Dragon... I guess I was there? It was getting very hard to grab the mugs as you can see.

Believe it or not, this was with the camera centered on my character. Apparently my camera man was feeling the effects too by then.

This last one was in Michel Delving. You may be able to tell by the statue in the background, but by this point my drunken status effect said "Seek a Minstrel Immediately!" so I'm a bit foggy on the subject.

So that was my night in the Shire. I didn't get the title... but after some tylenol and pepto-bismol I'll be back out there to try again this weekend. Rehab? Not this dwarf, I don't quit that easy. :) Here's a pretty shot of Duillond to help your eyes get back to normal vision after those drunken shots.

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