Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Couple Bits of LotRO Expansion Info

There's a couple of teensy bits of info on the next two game updates flying around. 1st and the more distant (before the end of the year, hopefully) is Moria. Word is, it's the next full area to come into the game, and hopefully will make in time for New Years. There's little info on it, just that it's the next full-fledged "zone" coming to LotRO.

For a more immediate update, we have CVG's little article on Book 10, an update scheduled for the Fall (likely early fall, by my guess).

Apparently with the next update there'll be some sort of new gameplay type... lord knows what that means. Could mean anything from Faction grinding to "crafting raids" some of the developers have mentioned in the past. Maybe some form of new quest-type?

Who knows... aside from Turbine. We'll probably hear more in the next month or two, maybe less. So keep those eyes open and pointed on the VAULT.

EDIT: Phantom of the MMO over on the VN boards pointed out that it could very well be what many of us have asked for for a while: fishing. If so, it had better help cooking. I'd actually do my cooking if I didn't have to buy all the ingredients all the time (I'm a tinker).

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