Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Getting a little bit scared...

Okay, so I've nearly hit level 30 in LotRO as of last night. I'm actually less than 1,000 experience away from doing so. But, as the topic says, I are skeered. I have over 30 quests in my log, and of all of them, about 5 are solo-able according to the descriptions.

That's 25+ of my quests marked as group. Now, I had never reached this far into the game in beta, even during my 7+ months of testing. I was religiously an early content tester due to the wipes and getting married, school, and whatnot. So I took reports of solo-able content dipping off around 30 with a grain of salt. I thought people were just being "people". Now, I'm there, where they were... and I see why they were so worried.

I've yet to dip into Evendim, and I've still got some solo-able content to finish in the North Downs, but as a primarily solo-style player, I'm very scared that Evendim won't be enough to keep me moving brisquely without grinding on some mobs. I guess I will have a chance to work on those deeds after all, if I do hit a wall. That's one bright spot.

In other news, I tried out a Warlock in EQ2 last night... holy crap what a nuker. I'm only level 7 sure, but if the general trend of this class keeps up, the Warlock of EQ2 has got to be one of the most potent damage dealers in any game I've played. They were low-level enemies sure, but mobs were dropping often with one hit from concussive blast.

I can certainly see grinding with a Warlock to do some money-gaining and leveling as a viable playstyle. Not to mention being able to complete quests way faster than my Necromancer or Defiler were. I expected a jump in damage... but I guess not quite so much. My friend and I were rolling each time one bolt of concussive strike insta-killed an enemy.

The downside? My month sub of EQ2 is up in a couple weeks. Then I'll have to choose whether or not to spend 15 bucks on another month where I'll only be playing 1 or 2 nights a week at best... why did it have to be such a good game? WHY!!??

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