Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Torn

Not like that Natalie Imbrugilaiaighaha lady either.

It's hard, when I have time to worry about it, for me to decide which of 2 games to play now. I'm ejoying EQ2 as much as I'm enjoying LotRO. My friend signed up for EQ2 and is absolutely loving it, as am I, but I also still want to see and do SO much in LotRO.

If I had tons of free time I wouldn't feel so stuck. I don't plan on leaving either, but it's quite hard to choose when I sit down at my desk these days. Do I want to play my little Ratonga or do I want to play my dual-wielding dwarf? Do I want to go into a world and get the lead out with some old-fashioned grinding and questing? Or do I want to go see my favorite fantasy world and take part in the story... while grinding and questing. Do I want magic, or lore? Do I want MonsterPlay or PvE? It's like each game has a bunch of aspects I'd like to see in the other.

I was complaining just back at the end of 2006, and even more recently before LotRO came out, to my friend and wife about how I hated WoW and wanted something new to waste my leisure time with. A new MMO was what I wanted. Now I have two I like equally.

Crap. I told you guys this was going to be a dumb decision, signing up for EQ2. I just didn't realize how dumb.


wldwlf said...

Evercrack....err, Everquest rocks. Make the right decision.

Pixey Styx said...

he eh dont fall for the dark side, go lotro.

Must admit did recently retry Eq 2 and just didnt do it for me.

However going to be in the same boat as you later on the year, with aoc, war, potbs, tcos

Yikes iam going to busy

Bildo said...

That's my problem, Pixey. Both of them "do it for me". Can you imagine what'll happen to me when those games you mention make it out? I'll be torn to pieces!

Cameron said...

I'm just glad you're not "lying naked on the floor." :)

Play LoTRO. EQ2 has been out for years and will always be there for you. You have the chance to play LoTRO as it unfolds. You can only do that once with any MMO.

Plus I'm having an absolute blast now that I'm in my mid-twenties. What server do you play on?

Cameron Sorden said...

I need to start posting with the new site. :P

Bildo said...

Silverlode, Cameron. :)