Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pirates Are Coming...

I was reading and re-reading the developer letter to the community from Flying Lab Software about the pushed-back release date of Pirates of the Burning Sea. In essence, the part of the letter that had me reading over and over was the fact that the beta phase is set to blow up and add a bunch more people at the end of June, as in... this month.

Many of you probably know by now I like Pirates. Pirates > Ninjas. I love the history, the style, the boats, the mystique... the rampant dunkeness. It was a grand ole time. Being down in the Keys, or being in Beaufort N.C. just reminded me of a time long since gone. I'm really looking forward to giving Flying Lab's game a try. Hopefully it'll live up to my expectations.

So be on the lookout, no pun intended, for an invite over the next couple weeks. One of the more intriguing MMOs to come out in a good while is ramping up towards "GOLD". Here's hoping those guys can pull it off.

For everything you ever need to know about the game until we can actually play it, go HERE.


Pixie Styx said...

Pirates ftw, down with ninjas... I have been waiting for this game for oh so long. This game, which I consider part of the true next generation of mmorpgs has the potential to be a huge sleep hit ... see you there Bildo, wish it would hurry up and come on out

Bildo said...

I picture it being a niche game, considering the theme, but a very beloved one, like EVE Online. I can't wait to give it a whirl.

I actually am torn between being a Pirate and a Brit. I'll probably do one of each nation since each nation has its own quests and storyline.

Pixey Styx said...

probably brit privateer here although too many brits by the sounds of things, so might pick one of the other nations to be less fav of the month

Bildo said...

The polls over there actually shocked me. I expected like a 75% share of people to want to be pirates. I was surprised to see it's a bit more balanced. Makes me feel less dorky to be one myself. :)

Theresa Pudenz said...

Thank you for writing about Pirates of the Burning Sea!

The beta will indeed get much larger soon. Feel free to e-mail me at theresap@flyinglab.com if you have any questions, or would like any information about the game. :)


Theresa Pudenz
Public Relations
Flying Lab Software

Bildo said...

Wow, very cool! Thanks for the info, Theresa. Mainly my questions have been answered by the info available out there and the forums on the site.

But if I get any new ones popping up, I'll be hitting ya up. Thanks for taking the time out to post!