Thursday, June 14, 2007

Patch Day and No Screens... I Beg Your Forgiveness

So I did get to sit down and play some LotRO last night, like I had hoped. I just never actually got into Evendim to see the new places and creatures. 2 hours of playing... and I didn't even go see the new stuff. I know, I know... I have nerves of steel. It was tempting, but I had plenty of quests to do in the North Downs, and plenty of Kinnies to help me off the Oathbreaker Captain in northern Fornost, so I was not displeased with how I spent my night at all.

Things were smooth as silk too. I'm not sure how performance in Evendim was, but the game itself didn't have any of those hiccoughs that are so often tied to patch days. So congrats to Turbine on a great 1st patch. :)

There were many changes to the UI though, Evendim aside. I also had taken close to a dozen screens of them to show you guys today... but they're missing. They didn't go into my Lord of the Rings Online documents folder, so consider me clueless as to what happened to them. I'll just give you the low-down.

1.) Real-time clock on the radar
2.) New organization of the Deed Log
3.) New hot-bar effects that make traking your skill-usage much easier.
4.) No more floaty names over the selected enemy's head unless you want them there.
5.) New Raid/Fellowship target markers.

Those are just some of what stood out to me. The UI basically got an overhaul. It still looks fundamentally the same, but it's functionality has increased a ton. Tonight, if all goes well, I hope to actually venture a bit into Evendim itself, and if I can sort out those screenshot issues, I'll bring screens and adventures to you all tomorrow.

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