Monday, May 19, 2008

Something I can't Wait to Try (AoC)...

Expect a lot of Conan posts from here on out, sorry if that is a downer to anyone. Just a disclaimer.

Now, take a look at THIS.

That is why I pre-ordered and got the mammoth mount. I want to gore people with my tusks.

That is allo.


kmxs said...

Well got my Guardian to 30 before the downtime today. Loving the game so far but I think I'm gonna switch from Tempest to Juggernaut spec and try that out for a bit.

Did the maze in Zelata with 2 other friends on Epic mode. The first boss dropped 4 greens at once which showed it was more loot but then the final boss only dropped some spider silk and such with no items at all. Was kind of hoping there would be some blue loot at that point.

My only real gripe so far is that there doesn't seem to be much cool loot yet. I used my Tortage final halberd from 19 - 29 as it was a nice blue item and took a while to replace. I have 4 blues in the form of belt/rings and such on atm but I would like to see some more of the cool stuff.

Over all I am liking the Guardian a lot, 1700 hp at lvl 30 and dual stance choices that can be combined and combo'd with each other. My basic stances are Normal, Frenzy, Defencive (changing these stances also changes the way my character stands in the game graphically). The second set are called "Manuevers" which work with the first stances.Defensive stance decreases damage and increases mitigation. Frenzy gives 50% damage increase and 100% mitigation loss. Normal has no gains or penalties. These are Unguarded, Threat and guarding. Unguarded lowers my HP while giving me more atk power, threat increases threat and lowers damage, guarding lowers damage and increases mitigation.

The Combos I get vary from AOE knocbacks to counterstriking, threat building and debuffing. My favorite so far is the counterstrike, if I hit mobs with it they get a debuff that makes it so when they attack me I counterattack them, very cool.

Some of the Feats are also very cool. Right now I am specced into Tempest which gives me some boosts to Polarm damage. Too much info to pass on here but it really makes a considerable difference and allows for unique fine tuning with noticible differences. I can't wait to try out the juggernaut tree and see what I else I can do.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend is still wishing she'd gotten the Rhino instead of the Mammoth, but in the end I think she'll end up riding a horse anyway. =)