Thursday, May 1, 2008

Open Beta NDA Lifted for Age of Conan

That is, if you're in the Open Beta you can post and speak freely about the game, post screens, video or whatever.

But if you're in the closed general beta and not in the press, you're still being held to the NDA. Unless of course you happen to be in the closed beta AND the open beta.

Apparently the two sets of servers are split up, so people in General are not automatically in Open beta. Hence the limit of 50,000 for the open beta. I guess it makes sense not to include the 10,000+ already invited into Closed/General beta.

Anyway, just wanted to post that to remind everyone that the lid's not fully off the cookie jar yet. Though I don't expect we'll be short on things to talk about from the Open Beta even with only 13 levels to play.

EDIT: Got an e-mail from Funcom and now it says to be perfectly clear that Closed Beta players can say whatever they want about the game up until level 13 (the cap in Open Beta). The rest of the game beyond that is still under NDA. Weird? Yes. But hey, at least it's a sign that we're almost there.

I can talk all I want though, heh. *Holds Up TTH Press-Pass*

But that comes later.


Anonymous said...

I think the reason for having this sort of half-NDA thing is to keep things on the safe side. If you're afraid that you might say to much and refer to something post-13, you probably aren't going to say it at all. Perhaps they are more confident with their game pre-13 and therefore more willing to get the word out, but still have a lot of changes/upgrades for things past then? Otherwise, I don't see the reason for it, really. You'd obviously know whether I'm completely off-base or not, but then again you can't really say... or can you? *scratches head*

Anonymous said...

P.S. Is there a way that you can make it so that I can sumbit comments with a name and URL link instead of using the OpenID system? I've seen it done with Blogspot before. If not, it's no big deal, but I like it better. :)

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