Monday, May 5, 2008

Age of Conan's Early Start Level Cap - Nixed

When Age of Conan's pre-order players begin on the 17th, it was originally intended to be level-capped for the 3 days at level 20, which is not a whole lot different than LotRO's level 15 cap for two weeks of a head start. But when Funcom announced this "feature" of the Early Start program, it was met with rounds upon rounds of heavy fire from power gamers and genuine whining people alike who thought they were somehow disserviced by this limit. Maybe they were?

In any case, these players can now rest easy in the fact that they won't have to step foot outside during those 3 days at all. Get the Doritos and Mountain Dew ready, guys.


Perhaps in the face of negativity, Funcom's willing to bend a little here. I'm sure I'll still be around level 10 by Tuesday though... damn busy weekends. Someone please tell my wife that we don't have to be doing something EVERY day. :)



Anonymous said...

Glass half empty time: AoC will officially launch with max level gankers all set and ready to go on day one. That should be interesting to watch...

Bildo said...

You're probably right, Syn.

Personally... the word Ganker is exactly why I'm aiming for a PvE server.

Keen said...

Yet the NDA still remains up 12 days from launch. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Ugh I'm actually disappointed by this. I don't think these are the players Funcom should cater to, the sort that will rush to 80 to claim the battlekeeps before anyone else, then get bored just as quickly because they didn't bother to immerse themselves in anything along the way.

But then I'm a cynic and it does seem like there are an awful lot of people in the early release, so it's practically just like removing the cap for the general populace.

@Keen: I still disagree with you on the NDA. A good deal of developers would never lift an NDA at all, they'd prefer to see their game hit store shelves that way. To a lot of them, it's no different than a musician releasing an unmastered album early. They begrudge needing beta tests as it is.

I can't buy into conspiracy theory snowjobs, no matter how bad or good a game may be.