Wednesday, May 21, 2008

JoBildo's Out of Tortage!

See? I'm not fibbing! These are shots from the docks in Khemi, the main Stygian city, and where you come to after you finish the Tortage Destiny Quests. They were taken on High settings with 2000m draw distance, 8x AA, No Bloom, High Shadows and Textures, and at 1280x1024 resolution (I think... might be off on that last one).

What's utterly fantastic about Conan to me is the feeling I got when completing the Destiny Quest, even though it was the 10th time I'd done so. Those first 20 levels, thanks to the storyline, really feel like a mini-adventure and the beginning of your greater purpose... to take down the evil sorcerer Thoth-Amon.

One thing I'll miss about Tortage though is all the excellent voice acting. Make no bones about it, when you leave Tortage the voice acting on every quest NPC comes to a stop. Again, most likely a result of the 1-20 experience originally being a single-player offline game, but it still is a culture shock.

It's okay really, as I'm used to reading plenty for quests, but it was nice to have the atmospheric accompaniment of the voice acting for those few levels.

Upon completion of "The End Battle" I also got a nice big polearm for my reward that pretty much whoops every other weapon available to me. But I also got Strom's (the big bad guy of Tortage) 1-handed sword to drop, so I have myself a decent DPS weapon and a nice 1-hander to use with a shield should I need the extra defense. God bless being a priest who can use a shield!

Man, I am stoked though friends. I'm finally really out of Tortage and now the next 60 levels will be entirely fresh to me. I can't wait to see what Funcom's got in store in terms of dugeons and city building, crafting and eventually sieges.

We got the TTH guild up and running yesterday and I'm currently the "Lord", but that might not be forever if Boomjack or Cody wrestle it away from me (gladly). So look for JoBildo or use the Social panel to look up the guild "Ten Ton Hammer" to find out who's on and we'll gladly send you an invite. We're in open enrollment for TTH members right now, so be sure to have a forum account with us as that's how we'll communicate outside the game.

Once the dust settles, we'll worry about more proper organization like officers and whatnot. We've already got a couple members nearly to level 40, so we'll be picking our plot of land for the Guild City this week most likely. Good times ahead!

Lastly, I hope to really get some adventuring done in Khemi tonight and in the surrounding areas, so look for some more substantial screens tomorrow and tales of my travels.


Thallian said...

gorgeous pics, bro. I really hope they extend voice acting through the game when they have time. It really bothers me when companies use certain things as bait and then switch it out due to the inconvenience of making more of it, but at the same time the game JUST launched so they need time to focus on more important things I know.

Pamela said...

Are you still playing a ToS Bildo? You mentioned being able to use a shield, so I wasn't sure if you had switched back to a Bear Shaman for some reason. Can ToS use a shield?
I'm not playing the game (yet) but was leaning on the ToS myself.

Bildo said...

Hi Pamela,

Yeah, I'm still using the ToS and probably will be for the foreseeable future.

Indeed they can use shields in combinatio with 1 handed blunt and 1 handed edged weapons. They can also run with polearms if you want higher melee damage.

They're a very potent class, surprisingly. I don't feel overpowered, but I certainly feel like I've got the best of both worlds: healing and damage.

Capn John said...

Your screenshots depict an amazing looking game.

If only I wasn't experiencing WoW from the Horde side (after three years playing Alliance) I could be tempted to jump ship and check out AoC. Maybe later this year if WotLK doesn't come through with the goods ;)