Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Goonheim Begins City Construction in Age of Conan - Game First?

The Hordes of Goonheim, a PvP Guild on the US FFA server Deathwhisper have begun construction on their Guild City... already. As far as I know, they just might be the first to do so.

With 3 days of early access being cut effectively in half (for working stiffs) by down-time, I find it absolutely astonishing that a guild could already be building their city. These are the guys who were building Feat Calculators in the beta however, so it's obvious that they're serious about their Conan. I just didn't expect to see this happening already and on a FFA PVP server no less.

Talk about team work. They must have been running hard and like a pack of wild dogs out the gate.
Grats to them. Maybe tonight I'll be able to get out of Tortage (barring any downtime) and start the TTH Guild, unless of course Boomjack or Cody beat me to it. Here's a couple pictures from the Goonheim event. As you can see the War Mammoths are appropriately "mammoth". Something tells me these guys will wind up dominating their server's Border Kingdom for a while.


Tim said...

I would really appreciate it if you'd stop posting good things about this game. I'm trying really hard to sit it out.


Bildo said...


Sorry, but as you might be able to tell around here I write about what game I'm playing... which happens to be AoC for the near and possibly distant future.

What's 50 bucks anyway? Go get it!

Brendon said...

Well Tim...I hate to say it but Bildo is right. I am close to level 16 In AoC and I am really enjoying the game. What makes it fun for me is the combat. Killing 30 guys on a quest is more like a treat than a chore. :)

Tim said...

The $50 bucks isn't what's keeping me from it. It's the wife aggro. She doesn't care for MMORPGs. Mostly because I do so much.

I'm sure I'll pick it up, but I just bought a PS3 a few weeks ago, so I'm running through a lot of games on that right now (thanks Gamefly!)

Thallian said...

Nice pics Bildo, city building sounds awesome, I'll have to see if I can see some vids of siege combat sometime :) .. Keen will prolly appease me there. But anyways I think you picked the right thing with the mammoth pack :)

Bildo said...

I dunno if Keen will... he'll have to get into a decent sized guild and get rolling with them at 80 and before he wasn't so sure he would.

I expect he might though, as he's been having a lot of fun so far. Grev too.

I'm hoping our TTH guild can eventually get there, but first and foremost I need to hit 20 so I can form the damn thing.

@ Brendon: Indeed... when you kill 30 guys in Conan, you have to remember that this isn't a 1 at a time affair like previous MMOGs.

In AoC, more often than not, you're fighting groups of 2 or 3 and fights are lightning fast.

Totally dig the combat... best feature AoC brings to the table and one I wouldn't mind seeing other games take on.

Tim said...

Interesting. Of everything I've read, I've never read that. But it makes total sense. It feels much more heroic to take on several at a time, even if they're weaker, than to fight 1v1 all the time. It's a really smart move.

Is the TTH guild open? I was definitely going to join Wicc when I get it, anyway.

Brendon said...

I understand the wife aggro totally... I used to play FFXI and if you have ever heard about or played that game you would understand that nothing happens in a short amount of time in that game and well, I spent way too much time in Vanadiel.
In most MMO's (I have played many) I feel like I am grinding to hit that next level but in Conan I am constantly looking forward the next "fatality" and trying to figure out new ways to hurt enemies. I don't even think about the next level and that is rare for me.

Bildo said...


Aye, it's open enrollment for members of the TTH forums. PM Boomjack for access.

Hope we see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Goons!

Swift Voyager said...

Time to recaption the top picture: "Line up really close guys. I'm not sure this mammoth can jump over all of you. Let me go get a running start from the top of that hill."

Enrique said...

this is an excellent game and might i add there are a lot of a-holes in age of Conan lol. Ganking is rampant now so be ready to tread the dangerous lands. Makes sense there are gankers.....the world of Conan is a deadly one.