Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Note To AoC Players - Stay out of Laceish Plains!

I checked the patcher this morning, in a vain attempt to possibly log in before work (yes it is that good) and I was greeted with a warning that no one should enter the Laceish Plains zone until they fix an issue that's causing players to get stuck there.


Looks like Funcom's stil got some kinks in the cogs. Just a word to the wise for anyone who was planning on visiting this place... I believe it's an area for the early resource gathering in the game, but I could be wrong. My realm of experience is almost entirely in the 1-20 game, so someone wiser can fill me in on that zone. I'm not even sure I'm spelling it correctly at the moment. Some help there would also be appreciated...



Tim said...

The game is going to fail! They can't even get the launch right!

On a more serious note, what happens in the Laceish Plains, stays in the Laceish Pla ins.

Bildo said...


Seriously, if that is the biggest of their worries with the launch... go Funcom. I couldn't believe how well things were running last night at peak EST hours. If they really sold a few hundred thousand copies and the servers were running that well... they've come a long way since AO.


Anonymous said...

You can actually do the resource gathering quests from any of the 3 guild city areas. Purple Lotus Swamp and Potain are still viable options.

As far as launch goes... I've been watching naysayers eating all sorts of things, like crows, fists, and hats.

Anonymous said...

Comming from a gamers perspective I was greatly excited to see this new game in action, but after waiting forever for it to install I was greatly disappointed by the lack of polish I found in the game. I have above system requirements in all areas and the game still runs cpu intensive and choppy graphics even after I dropped down all my settings -- this is on a freshly setup Windows XP machine... I just canceled my subscription - this game is totally not ready for release -- at least not for the expected MMORPG standards.

Anonymous said...

As for Laceish Plains, it's both gathering area and a guild city building area, so I'm thinking any guilds that have started their city there are probably upset it's not working, since they were trying to be among the first to build their empires.

On the related topic:

Isn't it odd to see the attitude difference per the various blogs? On some, it's still doom and gloom, as if the predictions of a bad launch had come true.

I don't get it, I'm having a great time and everyone in my guild as well. None of us have run into significant problems either.

Bildo said...

This is actually thr first I've seen of someone saying it runs badly when they actually "above system requirements".

If that's really the case, I doubt it's the software's fault so much as it is the PC's fault.

I'd be curious Ninechars, to have a list of your precise specs and the issues you're having. Better yet, it would probably be wise to contact Funcom's tech support as well.

I could understand that you might be having issues on a lower-end machine, but I'm lead to believe that you're not being entirely truthful when you say it performs badly on a system that exceeds the described system requirements.

Are you sure you don't mean Minimums?


Tell me about it... though I've not seen anyone but this guy really saying anything bad about performance. Hence why I'm so hesitant to believe him.