Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sid Meier and Company Revisiting Colonization

Hell YES!

Colonization, as a child, was my first foray into the wonderfully addictive genre known as the 4X game that Sid Meier helped pioneer.

I for one am very enthused to see that the game's being updated. Which also reminds me that the console version of Civilization is out this week. Might have to spend 60 bucks and get lost in the "Just One More Turn" haze that I do so love.

Anyway, just wanted to share that bit of news with those of you who might care. Can't wait to take the Spaniards to the New World!


Werit Blog said...

I am very excited about this. So many great memories of Colonization. I still remember giving arms and muskets to the Indians and watching them fight the other powers with them. Good times.

Werit Blog said...

Whoops, meant Muskets and horses :)

Hudson said...


Now if only EA would remake Seven Cities of Gold my life would be much better

Tim said...

I can't believe I've never even heard of Colonization. Civ1 is still my favorite game of all time. I even ordered a copy of it in the late 90s on floppies to play. I've been playing a ton of Civ4 recently.

I'm looking forward to this now.

Swift Voyager said...

"Can't wait to take the Spaniards to the New World! "

Try Midieval 2:Total War. It's very much worth the cost of the box and I believe you can get a 2 for 1 deal on the gold edition + expansion now. It's always a blast to explore new worlds and slaughter their inhabitants, and Total War does it with style.