Monday, June 9, 2008

Age of Conan - Undocumented Patch Notes for 6/9/2008

Found these undocumented changes on the VN boards. Not sure why Funcom wouldn't include these in their official patch notes, except for the fact that maybe their note writer simply isn't on top of things. They're all great changes. Especially the experience change.

If that one's as true as it seems, they very likely just helped a lot of the problems with grinding at least for those who had yet to hit the leveling gaps. In the official notes, they also stated that Elite mobs and bosses are now properly giving more experience, so playing through those instances now have yet ANOTHER benefit. Take a look, the bold italics are my own emphasis.

* Horses move faster
* You no longer fall through the Guild City gates
* Party members now show on zone maps (this was in before this patch).
* Summon to Instance is now enabled. * Trade skill resource stacking has been improved
* Experience to level has been slightly reduced. * Some of the Hyborian Foliage has taken a vacation.
* 'Crouch' ability added, allowing you to slowly move through others. crouch is 200% slower then not-rogue hide and after using crouch you get -100% PvP defence rating.
* 'Ambience' sound slider in Audio Options removed.
* Some Bugged resources have been sorted
* Hair still sticks through your helmet but is now the right color rather then blonde.
* Guard AI greatly improved.
* dance ability now tells you of combos
* Regional chat is now in so you can chat with players multiple zones away.
* Attributes (Str, dex, wis, con, int) now have different describtions aparantly. No other changes regarding attributes at this time. Adding to STR still does not increase attack rating. Same for INT and Magic Attack.

* Overreach reduced in power. Apprently reduced by 40-60% damage. Strikes that were hitting for 1200-1500 overreach III now hitting for 600-700

Herald of Xotli
* Fire Lance reduced in stamina cost, damage and is now a 2-step Combo. Reduction seems to be ~25-40%

Possible Bugs
-Necro spell Mark of the Devourer broken. Persists on target even after your death, causing you to res with aggro and be ganked by mobs at the spawn point.
-Reports of some resource nodes having problems similar to the previous Cotton bug. Unable to confirm yet.

Exp Change Confirmation
- Lower xp per lvl confirmed, ~72000 before patch, 60100 now.
at lvl 33.
- lvl 52 HoX, last patch the XP I needed for next level was around 320k, this patch it was 280k.


Anonymous said...

Overreach was vastly outpowered, I can confirm this as a level 50 Guardian.

I'm actually glad for the nerf, it made playing as a Polearm Guardian seem silly when you can do more DPS with sword and board, almost entirely due to Overreach.

Manny said...

there was a feature (bug) where a stealth class could spam the direction buttons and achieve two stealth attacks.

this has been fixed in this patch as well.