Monday, June 9, 2008

Age of Conan - Level 37 and Nearing the Infamous Wall

I did some serious leveling in just a few hours this weekend in Age of Conan. Went from 33 to 37 in the course of about 5 hours. The leveling speed in Hyboria is an odd beast. It seems the developers want their players to plough through 1 to 40 within 36 hours or so, but yet they claim it should take players 250 hours to hit the cap. That would leave 214 hours for levels 41 through 80. Something tells me that either their math is off or that the mountain from 41 to 80 is going to be a steep one.

I should be 40 by the end of this week (yay, War Mammoth!) and from what I can gather this is where the leveling does indeed slow down though not from a sudden increase in experience needed so much as a sudden decrease in the amount of quests available. Around level 55 is where it seems most people have issues and end up resorting to purely grinding. I'm not sure how true this is even as I have quite a few guildies in their 60s who claim to have not run out of quests to do yet. But they may also be the kind of players who spend plenty of time just hunting while they quest. Meanwhile I can think of at least one player in my guild who got so sick of the grind around 60 that he just started a new character to wait out the fresh content.

So really, I guess what it's going to come down to is just how it goes for me. I do tend to spend time killing mobs when I find a good spot. Not really grinding so much as just clearing out an area before I move on. It's a habit I developed when I was playing WoW because of the mob density there. So for all I know that might end up helping me out. Or maybe if I'm lucky by the time I really hit that wall the new 55-60 zone will be in the game. 60 and up from what I can gather is much less of a trouble spot, though some folks are reporting issues leveling there too.

Ah the lovely first 3 months of a new MMOG. Everyone running around trying to figure out how to play the game and little or big holes in content get uncovered at a pace that shocks even the most seasoned developer.

I'll keep you posted on JoBildo's progress. With any luck, it'll be smooth sailing. Without any luck, Bildo (Herald of Xotli or maybe Dark Templar) will be born to take over for a while. Time will tell.


Genda Silverspike said...

When you get near 40, head over to the Field of the Dead. I think you'll find plenty to do over there.

How is your guild's city coming, btw?

Bildo said...

Yeah, I heard I should do Noble District at 40 too, as many folks forget about that place to help with the 40s.

Our city's rocking. All the buildings are up, the walls are next, and then upgrading buildings to the second tier would be after that.

Now... if only the game would give us the bonuses we're supposed to get FROM the buildings. As they stand right now, guild cities are only good for meeting up with guildies.

Hudson said...

God Im such a noob, only level 17.

Genda Silverspike said...

We raised our keep over on the Set server last night. It was a pretty exciting time for our little guild. It was a little bigger than I thought it would be. All in all a pretty cool deal.

Bildo said...

Yeah, I love visiting my guild city... but there's JACK SQUAT to do there aside from wandering the country side looking for resources.

It'll be nice when they enable all the features for the cities.