Thursday, June 12, 2008

Age of Conan - Undocumented Patch Notes for 6/12/2008

I promised them earlier, and this is what I could find for now. There could be more, but I can't access the official forums at work. This is from the VN Boards. Take some with a grain of salt, while others have been confirmed.


* Outdoor bosses seem to have an upgraded loottable now.
* Drop rate of blue items seems improved
* Harvesting bug introduced in last patch appears to be fixed.

* Grey Elite mobs have lost their innate miss chance and damage reduction on significantly higher level characters. (Will hurt high level players farming low level dungeons.) - JoBildo says, "This one was already confirmed by Famine to be a bug. A fix is on the way, likely in next Tuesday's patch. Be careful farming low level dungeons until then.

Player Character's
* crimson shield (mage feat) seems to be working and gives a +HP bonus now

* The cooldown on the Assassin ability "Snap Kick" has been reduced to 45 seconds.

Bear Shaman
* The stamina, mana and health regeneration on the ability "Untamed Regeneration" has been reduced by approximately 40%. Additional damaged recieved has been increased from 10% to 15%.

Herald of Xotli
* Undying Glory of Xotli now gives you shield of risen after the self-res

Confirmed Bugs Introduced
* Gems still do not appear on the Trader after being searched for.
* Stat display errors when equipping de-equipping the gemmed items unless you zone or completely log out and back in (your character as to leave the game world).
* Shields with slots (whether gemmed or not) do not count as shields for combos that require them.
* No type of silk will show on auction house.
* Many reports of major FPS drops in many areas. (will continue to monitor this one for more info)

Possible changes awaiting further verification:
* Many mobs potentially hiting harder than they used to.
* Firelance isn't always registering a hit, after the combo is activated.


Hudson said...

Man I wanted to roll an assasin. They get owned in PVP I hear

Flying Norseman said...

I wish I could decide on a class to take past 20th. I have a Barb, a PoM and a DT at or near 20 now. Working on a Ranger and a Guardian now. I have a Guardian in LOTRO, so I am a bit apprehensive of doing that all over again in AoC. We'll see how it goes.

Openedge1 said...

I played a DT up to 42 now, and I LOVE that class...

I have been following the lifetap tree, and then working on protection..

It seems like I hardly lose any stamina as it keeps coming back and my health does this great up and down dance...

But, I have my HoX waiting in the wings for some more patching (it is a female, and I have felt the horrid slower swinging bug of the women based well as some HoX nerfs)...but, when that happens, I will be rocking two characters soon..

Love these classes!

Eric said...

Boo to the Bear Shaman change...oh well, I didn't notice MUCH difference. :)