Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Age of Conan: Necromancers Getting Some Love Soon (tm)

Massively is reporting that Jayde of Funcom has come out and stated some major overhaul changes for the way Age of Conan's Necromancer works... and in a good way no less! Power to the rulers of the undead!

Here's a snippet:

FunCom system designer Jayde has announced the next step in the retooling of some of Age of Conan's more gimped classes. After Demonologists got a survivability and damage boost, many players thought Assassins would be the next in line. They still might be - there's no clue to the content of this Thursday's patch - but it's the Necromancers whose future looks intriguing right now.

The focus is squarely on pets: the Necromancer looks set to become a true pet class, reminiscent of the Mastermind from City of Villains. 'The balance and progression of the class is being altered to introduce 2 pet points every 5 levels after level 5, resulting in all 8 base pet points being available at level 20 instead of at level 70.' Access to ad hoc bonus pet points is also being improved, with a rework to the Nightfall feat tree. For those unacquainted with the Necromancer, this means they will have a lot more undead at their command throughout their careers than they used to. Age of Conan deals with Necromancer pets on a point-based system, allowing players to choose whether they want a lot of weaker pets, a few strong ones, or a mix.
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Tim said...

Bildo, for what it's worth your blog is only showing a line or two in my RSS reader, and I think it just started doing that a week or so ago.

Bildo said...

Hmm... very odd. I'll take a look an see if something's messed up in my settings.

Thanks for the heads-up, Tim.

Bildo said...

Should be fixed.

Simple enough I had accidentally changed the feed to short instead of full.

Should be kosher as a pickle now.

Tim said...

Sweet, I usually click over to read comments anyway, but this way will be a bit nicer when I'm in a hurry. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see mages being improved overall. Too bad Demonologist patch wasn't impressive at all, or maybe I'm just being biased here :)