Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yes, I'm Still Playing LotRO

But damn it all if it isn't hard to log into that game when the weather's this good.

This past Saturday was LotRO Vault's 1st Live Event on the Silverlode server: Creeps 'n' Keeps. It really ended up being quite a lot of fun, even though the numbers there were far more than I expected: about 70 or so in total. Keep an eye out for news of our next event.

Since that night I've not visited Middle-Earth. Instead I've been busy chilling out with the wife, working on our fledgling garden (yes I'm a man and I admitted that, you cheeky blighters), and in general just enjoying the nice weather.

I'm off of work from this evening until next Tuesday, so you might not see a post from me at all for the next week or so. No worries, though. I'll be back ready and raring to go come next week.

Plans are to visit some Cleveland exhibits like the natural history museum, Great Lakes Science Center, and check out this Pirates movie everyone seems to excited about. Maybe sometime in there, in the down hours I'll get some LotRO in, or some GTA: San Andreas which I picked up to tide me over until I'm able to get my 360.

Cheers folks and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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