Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Behind The Times - Sid Meier's PIRATES!

This happens to me a lot, being a poor shlub that misses his younger days of "spend-paychecks-on-nothing-but-games-and-movies". I always seem to miss some of the best games, be it PC or console, until much further down the road. I'm sure all working adults have this problem, honestly, so don't be surprised if you see more of these "Behind The Times" posts as the months go on and I get to try games I've missed for some reason or another.

Today's subject of lost-then-found glory is none other than the newly revisioned version of Sid Meier's PIRATES! (the exclamation is literally how it's printed on the box and used throughout the game's menus, but after playing it I'm inclined to say it's deserved of many more exclamations).

But needless to say, I wasted my only hour of gaming last night on a demo that's not saveable... the reason? Bildo the White was anxious to scour the Caribbean in search of those dastardly Dutch and in the process become a Corporal of the British Navy. Upon which achievement, I would escort the Governor of St. Kitt's daughter to the grand ball, sweep her off her feet, bed her, and then spit in the governor's face the morning after. Why? Because I'm a pirate dammit... what I do is for no one but myself. :)

In short, I fell in love with PIRATES! last night and swiftly ordered it for 20 bucks off of Amazon today. The upside of being behind the curve like myself is that I get the games on the cheap side. :)

Pick up the demo at the very least, if you haven't yet played this game.

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Trinity said...

One of my gaming buddies got hooked on that game once. I oughta try it myself. :)