Thursday, May 31, 2007

The 360 Will Be Mine Soon and a LotRO Update

Well it's been about 7 weeks since we sent out our tax amendments, and given it takes 6-10 for the additional refunds to be processed and returned to us, I'm guessing I should have my very own Xbox 360 by the end of June. Cross your fingers for me. Crackdown and NBA2K7 shall be my 1st titles, as well as borrowing my cousin's copy of Gears of War. If any of you have a 360 and have some other games you think I need to try, please let me know. I've been following the 360 for a while, but there are still plenty of games I've missed that I need to catch up on I'm sure.

And on a side note, I finally had time to settle into about an hour of LotRO last night. Good times. Explored more of the Lone-Lands... it's drab, and somewhat boring for the most part, but little parts like Wethertop and the Red Swamp make up for it.

Speaking of LotRO, I was going to copy and paste the public test server (Roheryn) notes from the June content update: The Shores of Evendim. But it'd take to long to format correctly right now, so I'll open up discussion on this Update.

A lot of the whiner types are complaining that this is just content that should have been in at launch, and while that may be so. I'm just glad it's coming, and look forward to much more from the Turbines. Here's the notes. Some great improvements to be seen there. 1st 24-man raid, 100+ new quests, a whole new zone, new epic book chapter, etc. I'm just curious what you have to do to get those "Epic" armor sets, though. One prays it isn't just the WoW loot-grind all over again.

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Keen said...

Jobildo you absolutely need to pick up Saints Row if you like the GTA urban sandboxes. It's simply one of the best titles for the 360 and one you can not go without.