Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No LotRO Lifetime Membership For Me...

But it's not for the reasons you think. Nothing to do really with LotRO as a game. I'm currently enrolled in a Digital Design degree program at an online University: a second Bachelor's for what I actually want to do, if you will. And it's come to my attention that I greatly need a Wacom Tablet. So, instead of spending 200 bucks this month on a lifetime sub to LotRO, I'm saving that money to buy an Intuos 6x8 tablet.

The more I thought about LotRO and "lifetime", the more I realized that no matter how much I love the lore, I just don't see myself playing more than 2 years time. I'm an MMO-freak, so I know that when something new and shiny comes out I'll likely be attracted to it and move on, with LoTRO always to return to now and again.

This would be easier with the lifetime sub, but 200 bucks is a big chunk of change for a young married guy working his way through college and trying to pay off debt he racked up in error during his younger days.

And on top of it all... with Gods & Heroes, Pirates of the Burning Sea, and Age of Conan all coming out this year, I don't think I'll be playing only LotRO in the next few months. The pull of those other games is too great.

What about you all who pre-ordered LotRO? 9.99 a month or Lifetime?


Trinity said...

I want to see ALL of Middle Earth and plan to be there for all future expansions. I don't see myself playing LotRO exclusively either, what with all the new and shiny games coming out soon, but all the more reason why I thought a lifetime sub would be great. That way, I don't have to worry about paying two subs at a time, or trying to maintain LotRO so I don't lose the $9.99 deal. I hear ya on the big chunk of change issue though. :(

Bildo said...

"I want to see ALL of Middle Earth and plan to be there for all future expansions."

Same here actually, even if only a wee bit from time to time. The bigger issue for me was that I need that Tablet more than I need a lifetime sub... so I had to make the choice.

Essentially, it came down to Wacom Tablet to make school easier now, or in 2-3 months when I'm already feeling behind?

9.99 a month I'm sure I'll maintain for a while, and if/when I do leave LotRO to try another game, I don't have an issue with 15 a month to come back and see things again.


It was a hard choice, because I do know I'll keep coming back to see the solo content and epic books when they're added... but I also know I really need that damn tablet and that there are some seriously exciting games this summer/fall.

9.99 is still a deal, that's for sure.

Keen said...

I went 9.99 a month because I can't afford $200 right now and I can't promise myself that I will play LOTRO for 20+ months. So many great games on the horizon.

Bildo said...

The downside of not going lifetime, is that for a schmuck like me I'll probably have to choose between two games, and not play 2 concurrently.

So, when G&H comes out, or Pirates, or Conan... I'll have to pay 25 a month or drop one.

wilhelm2451 said...

I still have some time to decide, but I am leaning towards lifetime. I am the type that likes to go back to games even after they are no longer my main focus. Knowing that the account will always be active works for me. I may not play it 20 months straight, but I bet I would keep the account open and paying for it 20 months in a row.

p@tsh@t said...

9.99 for me. Lifetime is conceptually a hard thing to commit to at the release of a new game. In 6 months I might pull the trigger on lifetime if they offerred it. If WoW had done this after 6 months or a year, I would have pulled the trigger and been done with it.

More companies should offer it, and it should always be an option.