Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pirates Delayed?

It seems, via P0tSh0t, that Pirates of the Burning Sea may wind up coming a little later in the summer, or possibly early fall.

Some troubles with distribution may end up equaling extra time to tweak the game and stress the servers. Which I'll be thankful for... if they let me in. :)

This is the one game this year, aside from Conan and LoTRO, that I am truly and utterly psyched about. I worry about the Pirates sheerly outnumbering the other factions (who doesn't want to be a pirate after all?), but the game as a whole sounds incredibly refreshing and down right cool.

Here's hoping the delay is just a couple of months, and not into the fall or winter.

I want to force scurvy dogs to walk the plank as swiftly as possible.

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