Friday, April 20, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

My buddy, fellow blogger, and fellow staffer over at the LotRO Vault, Trinity Divine tagged me today with a sort of Blogging Chain Letter. Ordinarily, I'd blow these sorts of things off... but Trin's a friend, so I'll indulge her. :)

The topic of this chain blog? The 5 Reasons I Blog.

1.) I love to write. This is the biggest one. Whether it's stuff like you'll often see on this blog, or fiction, or poetry, or game articles, or whatever... I love to write. That's the chief reason I bit the bullet and started this blog.

2.) I love discourse. My favorite part about all blogs, is that they're very much like open forums that you don't have to weed through so much crap on. There are literally dozens of blogs I check almost daily, to see what topics are raging, and I'll add my 2 cents if need be. If there's a particularly good topic I see making its rounds around the blogs I read, I'll add my own post here on it. It's a great way to discuss topics that matter to me, and find people who also care about them.

3.) I need something to do at work. Aside from work itself, that is. Blogging is one of the few things I can do on the net at work that's not blocked for no reason other than to keep us glued to our quotas. Soon, I'm sure blogger and all sites related to it will be blocked, but until then, this is my break from work.

4.) I can always find something to say. I'm never short on words to prattle on. Often, they may be of little value to anyone but myself, but I do this a lot because I like to. I love that there are people who will read what I have to say, and it makes me keep doing it, but even if no one ever visited this site, I'd still do it. It's good for my soul.

5.) Maybe it'll open other avenues. Blogging's getting big, people. It's self-publishing, and often taken with a grain of salt, but I've seen people get job offers through their blogs, and you never know when something you post on one of these things will get you the recognition you're looking for. This is the last reason I do this, because the chances are so slim, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't hope that one day some magic genie would come here and systematically offer me a job.

So there you have it... 5 reasons William "JoBildo" Murphy blogs. Now, as is customary with these chain thinguses, I'm going to tag 5 other bloggers and hope they're up to the task.

1.) Adele Caelia
2.) Tipa of West Karana
3.) PotShot
4.) Darren Love of Common Sense Gamer
5.) Zubon of Kill Ten Rats

Hope one of you at least sees this and obliges me.

Oh, and for those of you looking for something more LotRO or otherwise gaming related today, that should come still. I got some Captain action in last night and would like to chat about it as well.

Cheers, mates.


Keen said...

You blog for many of the same reasons that I do Bildo. :)

Towards the top of my list with me discourse as well.

Keep up the good blogging!

Tipa said...

Didn't we just do this a few months ago? :P

Gimme a day or so...