Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Children of Hurin is OUT!

And it's on its way to my house!

The Children of Hurin, you see, is a brand new novel from the mind of JRR Tolkien made possible by the will of his son, Christopher. It follows the lives of the heroes of Beleriand back when Sauron was not the chief evil in Middle-Earth, and I for one can't wait to read the thing. It's apparently much more a novel than the history-book-like Silmarillion, so I eagerly await its arrival on my doorstep.

Other than that, nothing much to report. I played LotRO for about an hour last night only to find out I'm bored because I really only want to play my Champion and he's roadblocked at 15 until next Tuesday. I like some of the other classes, but not nearly as much as the balls out Champion. I thought I'd like the hunter as well, but the delay of his attacks (they behave much like a caster's spells) turned me off from him. I've never been a fan of casters, and that's what the hunter is, but with bows and arrows instead of fireballs.

I've been playing the Guardian, under the guise of Tundrin. He's now level 9, but though he's ganing some cool reactive skills (things that become usable only after blocking or dodging or parrying), he's not as exciting to me as the Champion either. I think, and it scares me, that the only class I truly like in LotRO is the Champion. Though I hope I'm wrong, and I'm just enjoying him more right now because he's my absolute favorite, like WoW's Rogue was at one point for me.

It would absolutely suck to find myself only enjoying one class in an MMO. I've always been an alt-a-holic, so it would certainly be a 1st. Has anyone else run into this problem with LotRO or any other MMO?

Maybe I'll play my Captain some more... I heard their "pets" can be a riot. :P


Anonymous said...

That is cool about the book! I have never actually read any of the books! Just read the movies. I read The Hobbit last night all in one read! I really enjoyed it.

Yeah my Captain is maxed and so I now have a lore master almost leveled but I miss my captain.

Tipa said...

Well, you won't get any respect with a Champion (or a Hunter), as they are so common. Yeah, high dps, can tank or do damage, simple to play, highly soloable... why would anyone play anything else?

I just (almost) finished another Forsaken Inn quest; I have about five now to turn in when they lift the cap. Hopefully be sixteen in a flash.

Bildo said...

I'm not really in LotRO for the 'respect'. I'm in it to enjoy it. If that means my favorite class is the most played, then that's fine really. But I do tend to bring more than one character to the level cap, and I'm starting to think if there's any other class I'm going to enjoy it'll be the Captain. Played him to about 9 last night, and even pre-Herald I'm liking the way he plays.

Keen said...

I'm on the third chapter and it's absolutely fantastic. If you have any doubts - read it!