Monday, April 16, 2007

Bildo's "Lack of Anything Exciting" Weekend

Sick with a bad case of "I-wanna-die-itus" (READ: Sever sinus infection), I didn't do too much this weekend. Squared away my homework on Saturday and trekked out to some friends' house for dinner as we made the plans when I was feeling much better and I'm not one to cancel. Then Sunday I spent laid up on the couch, watching Family Guy and playing Super Paper Mario.

Now, I'm here at work, wishing I was home playing LotRO or something more enticing. Thanks to all those who replied to my writer's plea from Friday whether by posting for by e-mail, and to all those that didn't... screw you too. :P

I'll post some of the 1st true chapter which introduces the story's hero, Shea, later this week, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it as well.

So what did all of you, my readers, the whole 5 of you, take on this weekend? Any goblins, orcses, goombas, or trannies?


Anonymous said...

Ok this is totally going to reveal my ultimate dorkiness, but I used a quest in LotRO to council my brother!

He wants to move out to where we live as we have found a good job opportunity for him. The problem is he is young and insisted a few months ago to purchase a Pit Bull puppy, which are illegal in almost every city in our state. Anyway I told him to give it back to the breeder, it would just have to be a money loss. Or to sell it. So of course he is like "I can't just kick him to the curb! He is attached to me, and he already knows he is mine." ect...

I didn't want to be cold hearted but he is to the point where he isn't doing well in life so he really should take this opportunity. So I said, "WELL... it is your life or the dogs... take a few days and think about it, but 10-15 years from now who is still going to be around and who is going to suffer from a bad decision."

Well to make a long story short I haven't heard back from him. So I know he is mad at me.

So my hubby was telling me how silly it was of him to be so loyal to that dog. Well anyway this is where the dorkiness comes in. I said, "Yeah he's just like that hobbit Eldo... he's a loyal guy and woundn't turn his back on something he loves even if it means sacrificing himself." My hubby looks at me like I am nuts and says, "Who? What?" I said, "you know... Eldo he is in love with widow froghorn but she wanted him to get rid of his dog..."

Opps sorry about the long response!

Bildo said...

I'm not sure what's worse, the fact you did that, or the fact I knew where you were going with it before you got there. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha! I almost even told the tale to my brother... but then he doesn't game at all and can barely turn on his computer so if I mentioned a hobbit...