Tuesday, April 3, 2007

No Bree For Me, I've Got Dourhands to Headbutt

I know I said I'd be heading to Bree last night, in order to continue the Epic Quest line in LotRO, but it just didn't happen. I know, you're terribly heart-broken, but let me explain.

You see, I logged on around 9pm EST, after messing with some stuff on the Vault site, and finally getting our Volume 2 Podcast up and downloaded. Check it out! It's a good one if you like roundtable discussion type dealies.

Anyway, when I logged in, I decided that before I left for Bree I'd better see what else I had to do around Ered Luin. Turns out I had a whole mess of quests that were waiting to be done. In all the excitement of the Epic Quests from the night before, I had completely forgotten about my regular quests.

I still had to get myself some wolf pelts to warm the people of Gondamon, thin out some spiders in the orc infested area of Rath Teraig, as well as plunder the chests of some Dourhand dwarves (evil, short-bearded little blighters) for the good of the Halls. It was this last quest that I started at the end of my play-session that brought me the night's best surprise.

There I was, whacking the ever-loving crap out of the Dourhands near the port of Kheledul, searhing the area for treasure chests to plunder, and in general just having a good ole time, when it happened. I received a new Deed in my Deed Log. The Deed Log is a collection of objectives that the player unlocks throughout his or her journey. The tasks that need accomplishing reach from killing some amount of this enemy, exploring this area and finding these landmarks, or even doing a certain number of quests in a place.

But there are more than those types of Deeds as well. This particular Deed was one under the "Race and Social" tab of my Deed Log. It involves me killing a fair number of Dourhand dwarves (50 to be exact) and my reward for completing the task is a new skill: HEAD BUTT. That's right, in just 20 more kills of the Dourhand clans, I'll be a head-butting bad-arse of a Dwarven Champion.

I had killed plenty of Dourhands before the Deed came into my log, so I'm not sure what triggered it. Perhaps my level? Or perhaps it was that I needed to finish killing "Brigands" for an Ered Luin deed before the Dourhands I killed registered for the racial deed. Either way, I am very glad I didn't skip out to Bree last night and instead stumbled across that little beauty of a Deed.

Tonight I shan't be heading to Bree either. Not until I get my wondrous Head-Butt.

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