Friday, March 14, 2008

The Time Is Near...

I tried playing a game last night that made my video card on the PC start to overheat. It made my system chug so hard, I wanted to cry. It's a great game... but my 4+ year old system is not going to cut it. The new PC I mentioned before is going to have to come before Conan releases, because I really doubt I'll be able to play it if I can't play this other game.

The good thing is, we go to get our taxes done this weekend, my first design project for real-world money is coming along nicely, and if all goes well by early or mid-April I should have my new system... with plenty of time to spare before Conan hits the shelves.

Wish me luck, folks.

Oh! I also forgot to mention that I'm now totally and utterly famous. Tom Cruise ain't got sh*t on me. That's right, Lost In Hyboria has hit the big time. The Official AoC community site has gone and pimped us out. Mad props to them, yo.

(I really can't pull off that lingo, but I'll be damned if it isn't fun pretending I'm on Pimp My Ride. Yo, danks Exzibit!)

Anyway, that's it for me again. I don't have much I can chat about gaming wise, due to the fact that I'm so busy ramping up content for the AoC site. So until my load lessens, posting around here might be kind of sparse. But I appreciate you lot coming around, anwyay. :)


Robert said...

All the computers I have owned since high school (except for notebooks) I built myself with parts.

However recently I just didn't want to spend the time, but I still wanted control over what parts to use and not be forced with some Dell or something.

I found the following site awesome:

They let you customize everything. You pick what motherboard, case, CPU, CPU fan, power supply, hard drives, etc.
They put it together for you and just ship you a nicely put together case.
Best of all it's REALLY inexpensive.

I highly advise them :)

Bildo said...

Thanks, Robert for that lead. I wasn't sure just how cheap it would be... but damn. The nearly exact same system as the one I am planning on building is just about 60 dollars more from them. And the system I'm getting from Newegg is only so cheap because of instant rebates and price cuts going on right now.

So when the time comes to place the order, if Newegg's price goes up and over the $803 dollars I was quoted at PC Power I'll go with your suggestion instead.

Great site for those who really want to choose what they want, but not do the putting together themselves.

Question though, do their custom systems come with an OS installed?

Aaron Miller said...

Gratz on the spotlight.

And good luck with your PC hunt. I always splurge on the best possible PC I can afford (barely). That way, I can ignore upgrades for a long time. The Alienware dream is still a long, long ways off though.

My PC's been threatening me with sudden death. I get the blue screen at random times and pretty frequently these days, and sometimes it does the strangest things. I finally invested in an external hard drive, so my files are safe, at least. But I don't have the cash for another PC anytime soon. =/